Presented by Malachi Entertainment, the first annual ChamPain Indie Horror Fest will gather independently produced horror shorts from filmmakers locally and scattered across the country. The intent of the festival is to spotlight and lift up the art of horror filmmaking, and the filmmakers behind those films.

ChamPain Indie Horror Fest seeks to offer an exciting and fun lineup filled with films stretching across the entirety of the horror genre from parody to monster movies to psychological thrillers and more.

The festival will be held in Urbana, Illinois at the Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center on Saturday October 28, 2017. Films will be shown in two 2-hour blocks with a short intermission separating the blocks. If there are far too many wonderful films submitted, we will extend the length of the festival.

For interested filmmakers, the regular deadline will be September 8th and the extended deadline Oct 2. Entrance fees are set at $15/$10 (students) for the regular deadline, and $25/$20 (students) for the extended deadline. Films selected for screening at the festival will be notified NO LATER than October 9th, 2017, but may be notified of their selection prior to that date. For more information or to submit your film, visit https://filmfreeway.com/festival/ChamPainIndieHorrorFest.